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Campaigns and causes live or die by their ground game but all too often it is a poorly planned, time sucking, budget obliterating, after-thought. From City Council campaigns to Federal Super PAC's, we can improve your outcomes and cut out your headaches.

Frontline Political Strategy is a Texas based political consulting firm focused on achieving policy outcomes through electing comprehensive conservatives.  Since 2014, we have provided our clients with the very best in voter contact solutions. With over 100,000 door knocks in the past year alone, our experience is matched by few and our service simply can't be touched.


FPS is for hire but we're not just hired guns. We got into politics to help conservatives win and that remains our aim two decades later. Our clients are vetted carefully and we only work for campaigns and causes we believe in. 

As Uncle Ben said in Spiderman, "With great power comes great responsibility." We've proven that we have the power to change the direction of elections and will only work for the best. Your policy positions and willingness to fight for conservative outcomes means a whole lot more to us than where you stand in the polls today. After all, we're here to help turn that around!  


Our campaign solutions range from training volunteers and building your ground-up voter contact plan, to providing the boots-on-the-ground you need for a winning GOTV push. Each proposal is created to fit your campaign style, time-table and budget. 

Volunteers are effective but can be terribly inefficient. Campaigns and organizations can run into costs as high as $8-10 per door with volunteers, even though they are "free." We leverage our experience from years of running voter identification and GOTV operations and our professional voter contact teams to cut your cost, improve your effectiveness and eliminate your headaches.


Each of our team members is well trained, professionally dressed and equipped with the best in both hardware and software. While you'll see many vendors and campaigns fielding walkers in blue jeans and t-shirts, holding clipboards, our teams our outfitted with iPads, best in breed voter contact software, picture ID badges and are dressed in khakis and polos. Your campaign's image is critical to success; nowhere more so than at your voter's door.


Before you knock a door, you need to know who's behind it and how they vote. Whether its using your in-house data set or helping you build a custom solution, our team helps you reach the specific voters who will make the difference in YOUR campaign. Spend your time on the votes that will count! 

We strive to run efficient campaigns that stretch donor dollars to the max. FPS allows my clients to communicate with their voters while reducing headaches, keeping their budget tight and providing detailed reporting on the service they deliver.
— Luke Macias, Macias Strategies
The FPS Team helped us take our voter contact efforts to a new level. They are reliable, professional and allow us to impact elections with better results and lower cost than we’ve ever seen. Effective, efficient work and detailed job reporting make working with them an easy choice!
— Drew Ryun, The Madison Action Fund

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